March 10, 2014


Although some may scoff at the suggestion that the ancient wisdom encrypted in the oldest scripture has guiding principles that apply today, we are learning every day how its coded metaphor of its time is “right on” now during our times. Our efforts here serve to clarify the well established wisdom that it is.

The nature of the dynamics need some explanation. Unlike what we are accustomed to, it is not a physical energy but instead quantum or metaphysical residing in a spectrum beyond our ability to perceive, even with the most advanced instruments – never will be due to existing outside of the physical realm.

Being that quantum energy is non physical it has nothing directly to do with the actual nutrient content of foods or supplements per se, but instead it manifests in other subtle and hidden ways in a dynamic called “energy consciousness”.

Positive energy consciousness manifests itself as wholistic unity while negative energy consciousness as disunity or “separation”. For example, the farmer or producer of foods that connects to the understanding of wholistic unity, will naturally inject subsequent love and caring into his or her products as a matter of course while on the other hand the farmer or producer who preforms their job principally for self serving monetary reasons or receiving for the self alone, instead will inject their negative energy into their products manifesting as harmful substances with long scientific names that work against our good health.

While for numerous generations it was commonly understood that earths natural abundance contained all that was needed for all afflictions, over time monetary reward for instant results become so great that it created a dependency on manufactured toxic substances with its negativity going unnoticed for centuries in our foods and medicines.

Because science only recognizes tangible physical energies, we haven’t been adept at understanding the metaphysical, relating instead to harmful instant result remedies, thus so we are here today to help spread the vital wisdom for the betterment of all humanity.

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