May 5, 2014
May 7, 2014


Societies’ understanding of balanced fairness is often incorrect because it is based on physical standards, not realizing that true reality is not physical at all but instead metaphysical or quantum where physical measurement does not exist, apply or function. The result is wide spread and deep effecting; our use of gender and racial language, distinctions between male and female positions on the job market, gender assignment removed from rest rooms, racial focus in hiring, woman wanting to do what men do in the name of equality, metaphysical polarity understanding causing men to marry men and women to marry women, the un-featuring of specific religious faiths in fear of not giving other faiths equal treatment, and far more. Confusion is allowed to enter society blurring distinctions due to a contrived confusion between physicality and the metaphysical.

It results in our values are being skewed from its largely original wholistic causal base to a base that promotes un-wholistic effect or symptom dynamics. The ramifications are endless causing a breakdown of society all due to the false premise that fairness has a linear measurement when in true reality fairness resides in the realm of non physical quantum reality. Because of its deepness, it has been eluding society for many years.

The following is an effort to quantify the true dynamics:

There are two parallel realities – our physical reality here on earth where our perceptions come into play with comparative points of reference existing as with the comparative revolution and rotation of the Earth on its axis and around the Sun, enabling us to measure time, space and motion based on established physical linear standards.

The other reality is the quantum or metaphysical reality that has no matter, time, space or motion, having always existed since eternity – even before creation. This universe contains values that can not be measured such as the quantum 3 column energy system contained in all things including the spiritual differences between men and women, our soul, everything that has happened is happening and will happen in compressed time all within the size of a geometric point while absent of movement because due to a lack of reference points to measure it. It does however contain our values such as the equality between us all including men and women, and all of us to ourselves through the use of a “quantum measuring stick” that can not calculate linearly.

Attempting to calculate on a linerar basis within the upper worlds of metaphysical quantum reality will succeed only in fooling ourselves thus creating chaos by removing humanity from real truth to a godless physicality that only knows illusion.

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