May 4, 2014
May 6, 2014


As children we learn through the game – “Where’s Waldo? – that what is in our direct view we often have difficulty recognizing. The exact same lesson applies universally. The wholistic concept of the singular “whole” is simple so accordingly all of its workings within it are as well. the laws of the universe including; gravity, what goes out comes back, cause and effect, the law of attraction etc. They are all simple in isolation independent of practical application, but in practical use their simplicity often becomes confused with our having great difficulty dealing with our issues in practical reality.  This is why when truth is encountered its implications often indite us. To avoid it we often seek a path of least resistance to avoid the discomfort.

With our ego coming into play, even with the best of intentions our vision and clarity can become blurred, making tools such as  poetry, philosophy, beautiful quotations, and scripture – loaded with metaphor, pleasant to listen to, thus through nits use we avoid harsh uncomfortable direct truth.

Truth and solutions are almost always simple thus highly complex lengthy explanations that use technical terms are often employed when complete understanding is not present. When our thoughts are correct they can be easily understood usually in just few words.  If our thinking though is composed of rationalization and lacking correct “dot connections”, it could bring-about complex explanations. Often our egos will cause us to display supposed great insight and wisdom through complex explanations, when in truth actual wisdom may not be present.

It is often said in wholistic circles that if we can’t explain it simply, we don’t really understand it. Even though our “Eureka” moments may be difficult to attain, that should not be confused with their ultimate underlying simplicity.

Lets keep it simple.

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