July 16, 2017



When Li Ching Yuen the Chinese man who lived to 256 and knew a man who lived to 500, was asked what his secret was, he responded; “inward calm and peace of mind combined with breathing techniques”. And how could that have possibly been his answer considering that his career was the sale of herbs?  The answer is very simple – he connected to the oneness of the singular soul we all collectively are connected to within the quantum universe that “knows” no age. Of course this intellectual answer, although perhaps technically correct emanates not from its word description but instead from the endemic consciousness of the universe contained within us.

For example, if we look back thousands of years ago, strong unity consciousness was an automatic “given”, for our ancestors who in fact it is recorded, regularly lived as long as Li and even much longer, largely as an out growth of the smallness of their society, enabling them to better connect to the oneness that we all collectively are, in the true reality of the upper worlds. During the tribal times of our ancestors thousands of years ago everyone was related to each other, even understanding the relationships between tribes, thus it was easy for them to see how they were all collectively one, which allowed them to more easily perceive the big picture of their unity adjoined to the eternal universe itself.

The counter to “whole” consciousness is the consciousness of separation, aloneness and death which as society grew, developed later, leading us up until today, working against the longevity prevalent  5,000 years ago and explaining Li’s spiritual response.

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